well its the final month of the regular season. So it is time to wonder, who’s going to the playoffs and who is not. Time for head coaches to be on the hot seat, and there are some surprises coming as well. Ray rice still without a team for now, and we should have word on Adrian Peterson and his appeal. In week 13 i was 10-6 and for the season im 118-72-1. So now here is my week 14 picks:

Thursday Night:
Cowboys over Bears

Early Sunday:
Bengals over Steelers
Colts over Browns
Rams over Redskins
Giants over Titans
Saints over Panthers
Jets over Vikings
Lions over Buccaneers
Texans over Jaguars
Ravens over Dolphins

Late Sunday:
Broncos over Bills
Cardinals over Chiefs
Seahawks over Eagles
49ers over Raiders

Sunday Night:
Patriots over Chargers

Monday Night:
Packers over Falcons

There you have it my picks are up, and there will…

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